Solution Search is is initiated to celebrate the success of the young generation who is passionate, innovative and skilful towards achieving sustainable development.Putting entrepreneurship in the center of the problem solving, aiming at helping youth-led social enterprises scaling up by providing knowledge, connecting with different stakeholders and integrating with ADB operations to maximize the impact towards society.


Solution Search Program is designed base on ADB agenda as well as it’s partners events and projects. It targets specific events or projects where youth actions need to be recognised and showcased. We launch open calls through social media and collect on going scalable and innovative youth led social enterprises. After our review panels, the chosen ones will be presented at ADB flagship events as well as following activities.


Youth are known as the source of Innovation, often coming up with new services, products, processes and regulations, that help meet a social needs. It has been estimated that young people are 1.6 times more likely than older adults to become entrepreneurs. Through technology and communication, we are excited to witness youth contribution in moving our society forward.

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