#OpportunitiesforYouth: Search for the Ten Accomplished Youth Organizations

on September 8, 2016.


The TAYO Awards Foundation is looking for accomplished community projects of youth groups and organizations that focus on these five categories:

1. Education and Technology
2. Livelihood an dEntrepreneurship
3. Culture and the Arts, Peace, and Human Development
4. Health, Nutrition, and Well-being
5. Environment, Disaster Risk Reduction, and Climate Change Adaptation

The top 20 youth organizations (top 4 per category) will be invited to attend the TAYO Week in Manila and will get the chance to receive a trophy sculpted by Mr. Toym de Leon Imao and a cash grant of Php50,000 from Coca-Cola Foundation Philippines, Inc. The top 20 youth organizations may also get the chance to undergo training, mentorship, and access to the networks and partners of the TAYO Awards Foundation.

Organizations may download and fill-out our application form here: www.tayoawards.net/jointayo. The application closes on September 15, 2016.

For more info, visit TAYO’s official Facebook page.

For more #OpportunitiesforYouth, join bitly.com/YouthForAsia.

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