The 4th Asian Youth Forum (AYF4), held on 10-12 August 2016 in ADB HQ, Manila to celebrate the UN International Youth Day, focused on enabling youth to contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Recognizing that the current generation of young people will mature during the period
covered by the SDGs, ADB Youth for Asia has committed to empower youth to contribute to the new set of goals.

This year’s theme for the Asian Youth Forum is “Youth for Global Goals.” Launched in partnership with youth-led organisation AIESEC International last December 2015 at the UN HQ in New York, the Youth for Global Goals (Y4GG) initiative is one of the primary channels through which ADB Youth for Asia works towards inspiring and supporting youth as active agents in the new global agenda. AYF4 also served as a culmination of the 2nd Asia-Pacific Youth Exchange,
an innovative capacity-building program for youth on the SDGs.


Didn’t get to attend AYF4? Don’t worry! Here are the references you may use for FREE:

4th Asian Youth Forum Program Highlights

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